A Brief Introduction to Asbestos

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Asbestos during its natural state has a defined appearance which is in the form of a thin, fibrous, and crystal-like material. This material in the early days was known to be very popular in the construction of structures such as a building and houses. Along with the popularity, the demand was also known to be high. Furthermore, the demand and popularity were due to the property’s asbestos had such as extremely high strength, ability to absorb sound, resistance highly against fire heat, and chemical damage. It is also said that archeologists were able to discover asbestos more than 4500 years ago. In fact, during the very early days, asbestos was used as a source of offering strength to utensils used for cooking.

Reason for Banning Asbestos –The government of Britain came to learn in the 1900s about an individual to die due to asbestos. This led to studies to be done where the American Medical Literature stated the asbestos would cause Mesothelioma. Their studies stated that asbestos was classified as a dangerous material.

The reason where Asbestos Became Dangerous – During the analysis of asbestos, it was found that the material contained 2 minerals called amosite and crocidolite. Due to the presence of these minerals, the accumulation of asbestos on the lung leads to the development of lung cancer and other dangerous diseases. Furthermore, an individual who undergoes treatment for asbestos was never guaranteed about his or her safety from asbestos.

You should learn more things about asbestos as it is considered to be serious. You can also do asbestos testing in Newcastle for your home from a professional.