Choose a Tutor that fit your Child Needs

There are different types of tutors which include private tutors, academic tutors, home tutors, and online tutors. Private tutors are those that are hired by a student or a student's family to teach specific subjects to the student or to a group of students. 

Academic tutors are those which teach a group of students in academic coaching centers. It is the most appropriate way to help the student learn the best approach.

The skills that can be helped by tutors are study skills, time management, stress management, effective reading, note-taking, test-taking, syllabus reading, and curriculum planning. To know about tutoring services in Nigeria you can visit at

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Academic coaches can be helpful to highly motivated students who've high sights and criteria. Home tutoring is those where tutoring takes place at the location of the student. The tutor would have knowledge in the specific subject area and yet be close enough to get a relationship with the student and their struggles in the specific subject.

Online tutoring employs chat, whiteboard, and video conferencing to shorten the distance between students and the tutors. 

Tutoring is helpful because it allows the student constant exposure to the educational material, and that is the best way to learn. Tutors are able to answer questions and concerns students have on the material in a quick and efficient manner. 

The students also get personalized one-on-one attention from the tutors. This is surely helpful for the student, who probably does not receive appropriate corroboration in the school program.

From Paddock To plate At School Program

From Paddock To plate in the school manual is designed to help you through a marketing program developed by the Food Healthy Kids Association. This manual mentions that you will get all the information and tips needed to create your marketing master plan.

The manual was developed with the support of fresh tastes: the working group on school meals, including the Crestwood Government School. You can find the best food school program in Australian schools.

food school program

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They Provide the ACT Council of Parents and Civic Organizations, Parents' Association, and Friends of Hale Schools and Healthy Kids Association.

Resources contained in the manual:

  • Nutrition and support
  • Fresh Taste Food & Other Canteen Services
  • A Healthy canteen

Healthy Children is a health promotion charity that aims to promote and influence healthy food choices for children. Along with helping schools and canteens create healthy environments, they are a big part of what we do for sustainable and successful food businesses.

Some worked to guide schools, parents, children, and the wider community to make healthy choices, easy choices, which is why you partnered with ACT Health to bring marketing food to the school's program.

The objective of the program is to increase the amount of healthy food and drinks purchased in school. Hence teaching canteen managers, employees, and methods to promote and market their healthy choices through the use of various training techniques.