Know the Working of WMS System In Details

The main purpose of the WMS is simple: to optimize all warehousing functions and processes. Checkout top warehouse management software online for your business growth.

These include:

Receiving – Functions include physical receipt of material, delivery inspection for compliance with purchase order identification and delivery to the destination, and the preparation of reports receiving

Put-away – Which means removing material from the dock, the transport of materials for storage, place the material in a staging area and then move to a specific location, and record the movement and the identification of the location where the material has been placed

Order picking – Picking the necessary quantity for specific products for packaging   and documenting that the material was moved from one location to the delivery location

Staging and consolidation of shipments -Physically move material from the parking area to a staging area, based on a defined set of instructions related to a particular vehicle exit or delivery service, often for consolidation of shipments

Cycle counting inventory – Inventory accuracy audit technique are used where inventory is calculated on a cyclic schedule rather than once a year. A count of the inventory cycle is usually taken on a regular and defined basis. The most effective cycle counting system requires the calculation of several items on every workday.

The main purpose of the calculation of the cycle is to identify an item in error, thus triggering the investigation, identification, and elimination of the cause of the error.