Checkups Involved In antenatal Care

Antenatal care is for pregnant women. When a pregnant woman is invited to attend an antenatal clinic at the hospital, it is generally for regular examinations, an ultrasound, test, which helps to ensure that the woman and her baby are healthy.

A pregnant woman's partner, another family member, or friend is welcomed to participate in these antenatal care visits with them. Visit the hospital often last an hour or less, but some may last a day or need a one night stay.

antenatal clinic

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What does that service provide?

Antenatal care monitors the health of pregnant women throughout their pregnancy check on the development of their baby and makes preparations for the birth. The service offers obstetric care and advice during pregnancy, ultrasound, prenatal, and antenatal clinic day units.

Who will patients meet while under your department’s service care?

If you are pregnant, you are likely to be supported by a midwife, who can arrange to meet you for the first time in a local clinic or hospital nearby. They ask basic health and check the weight of a woman, blood pressure, and perform other routine tests.

An ultrasound is performed by a specially trained in the use of ultrasonic devices. The analysis is usually done outside; apply the gel in the stomach of a woman and roll a small handheld scanner on their bump.

In some cases, pregnant women need more complex care, which can be provided by a midwife specialist or a consultant of the hospital that will specialize in specific conditions and complications.