Consider Your Needs For Choosing The Right Size Air Compressor

When most people consider the use of an air compressor which they think have their tires filled at the oil change. Well, they are still used in tire and auto shops, to be sure, but their use extends far beyond the automotive industry. 

Air compressors are employed wherever they need to increase, and with the right attachments, can also be used as a high-pressure blower to clear dust from computers and debris from driveways. Air compressor used for electric wrenches, nail guns , and spray guns. 

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And they sure come in handy when children need an inflatable ball or blown up! When you are shopping for an air compressor keep the following size guidelines in mind so you will end up with a unit that will help you take care of business at home or work.

There are three basic sizes for air compressors. Many homeowners will find that the unit is compact enough to meet their needs. They are lightweight, small, and very portable. There is no air storage tank so that they continue to run while the call. 

Many of them are quite robust for all kinds of inflation, from auto or tire cutting machines to fill that wading pool. A light duty weapon asleep or spray gun will go well off the air compressor compact. 

A two-stage air compressor offers more than 160 p.s.i. and employs two pistons to fill the storage tanks. They are the general contractors and roofers, auto mechanics, and those who use it for commercial purposes and other industries. Must allow more than one piece of equipment or tools to run out of them at once.