Design a Retro Style Kitchen Using Upcycled Materials

Vintage and contemporary kitchen designs are in style with several people seeking to upgrade the kitchen of their home with exquisite designs filled with quirky decoration and upcycled attributes. 

If you are considering designing your kitchen within this fashion, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the various elements to think about; such as the floor, the wall tiles or furniture, and wallpaper. 

Here are a couple of tips that will help you create your perfect retro kitchen:


This is possibly the most significant aspect to think about when you're planning your design. You will want to pick a palette of colors as opposed to just one simple color or layout so it's possible to combine a lot of different elements to produce the desired result. If you need more information about what is upcycling, then you can visit

upcycling kitchen cupboards

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Think about choosing complementary tones that are classic and attempt using natural materials such as metals and wood inside that palette. 

Kitchen Cabinets

You can use upcycled models or contemporary brands for making the kitchen cabinets. Brightly colored white and blue cabinets look very appealing against a pure flooring surface such as wood or slate flooring tiles.

Counters and surfaces

Bear in mind that the extra decorative products that you buy will look fantastic for counters of the kitchen. You can use distinct color and texture mixes and don't forget the walls as they will cost the maximum so you must devote time deciding just what you need within this region of your kitchen