Graffiti Removal – Tips for Success

The method for removing streaks varies depending on the surface being cleaned. Before you start, remember. The sooner the graffiti is removed, the less likely it is that other graffiti will leave their "label" on your wall. By reading this article you can get the best information about graffiti Removal firms.

Use non-toxic chemicals whenever possible and use the gentlest method of removal so as not to damage your surface. Always read the product label and follow the manufacturer's suggestions and recommendations.

Graffiti Removal - Tips for Success

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Painted surface

Painting on graffiti is an inexpensive and effective solution to graffiti removal once the surface has been painted. Scribbles are usually found on lightly painted surfaces because "Taghir" works better on light surfaces. Therefore, it is best to repaint the entire surface in a dark color as it will be less attractive to graffiti buggers.

Unpainted surface

If you have light streaks on an unpainted surface, you will need to act quickly as the streaks can penetrate the surface and are difficult to remove completely. The raw rock face has always been a popular target for Tahri. Try a solvent, wait for 3 to 5 minutes before stirring with a wire brush, then clean the surface.

Glass surface

The most effective way to remove scribbled from a glass surface is with the razor blade on the stand at a 30-degree angle. If all of them are not removed, fine steel wool with water can be used to remove excess. Be careful not to use too much in one area as it will scratch the glass. A paint thinner can also be used.