How Is A Triple Bunk Bed Designed?

A triple bunk bed usually features three separate twin, full or queen size beds, each with a separate, independent, pull out drawer for storage. These types of triple bunk beds are extremely popular in the home and have been used as extra bedrooms in the past.

The most common designs of triple bunk beds consist of four beds stacked on top of one another in a small space as seen at These types of bunk beds have been traditionally designed to be used as a dormitory where students would use the top bunk to sleep during the day and the bottom bunk for sleeping at night. Some bunk beds today however, are more like single bed rooms that are attached to one another. These are designed to be used as single bedrooms in an apartment, college dorm, or a small home.

In some homes however, a triple bunk can be used to create two additional beds in addition to the one that is currently being used. There are several different ways in which these beds can be combined. The simplest of these is to place two beds in the middle of the triple bunks and a bed at each side of the center bed. If the beds are not able to be placed together then the bed in the middle may be used as the middle bed instead of the two additional beds in the middle. This is not only easier for storage but also makes it easier to move around the room because there is not the need to worry about having a large area in which to set up the beds and make the arrangement work.

The standard triple bunk beds today usually have doors that slide up to provide an easy way for people to access the top bunk. Most of the time these have double doors that slide in the back allowing for easy access from both sides without having to go through one door. Some models however, do not have this feature, but still allow the users to easily access their beds by simply sliding the doors open. The reason why this is necessary is that sometimes the children who will be using the room may be younger than the person who will be using the top bunk and will want to use the top bunk for sleeping as well.

Many people purchase triple bunk beds to have the ability to sleep on the top bed while their children sleep on the bottom. Having the ability to change sleeping arrangements anytime that you wish will help you to feel much more at home in your new home. Having the ability to make any changes that you wish will allow for a completely customized bed.

Double bunk beds are popular because they often come with an extra loft which can be used for extra storage space. They are also usually much cheaper than triple bunk beds. Purchasing a twin and then going with a twin or two twins is the best way to go because twin beds usually cost more than a double, but will allow for many extra rooms to be created with the space that is created.