Information About Lafarge Access Floors

Lafarge access floors that are expertly surfaced with gypsum. Lafarge itself has some high-quality gypsum mining and gypsum is processed into a board and made into things that can lift the floor surface.

Apart from the surface, Lafarge also has a large variety of access flooring options when it comes to the stringer and the selection board. There is no such thing as just one type of ‘raised access floor’ (Also known as ‘ชั้นเข้าถึง’ in the Thai language) system – now you can choose the one that will best suit your environment.

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Differences in access floor system Lafarge

Free-standing system. This is a system where no stringer is necessary to anchor the pole together. Board only found a steel pedestal and stayed there because of the location of the smart pressure.

Screw down the raised floor system. In this system, the panel screws down into the head of the pedestal. The access floor system is very good for the office environment, but not for server rooms, as the board will be very difficult to lift if the server maintenance should be done.

Bolt-on stringers access the system. It a system in which the stringers bolted on, which means that you’ve got to hold the maximum, without the need to have your forum screwed onto your pole. The poles are all safely held in place by stringers and boards are free to move.

All this raised floor system is ideal for office environments where there are a lot of wires and a PowerPoint that you want to keep hidden. 

Access flooring creates a simple and elegant solution for your server room as well because you can only lift the board at any time and do the necessary maintenance.

Raised floors will help to keep your employees safe from tripping hazards associated with cables, especially in the server space. Therefore it is very important that you get the best, and getting products from Lafarge will greatly increase your chances of having a safe workplace.

If you get a floor that appears with gypsum, you’ll be in for a long time to access your floor, as gypsum will make it a hard-wearing, durable surface.