Installing New Faucets on Your Bathroom Sinks

Most sinks at a few years of age have a tendency to drip and leak. This can be a problem as moisture trapped under the sink can lead to wood rot and a bed bug infestation. This article describes how to remove and replace the faucet on your sink.

This is a relatively simple task that anyone can do. If you follow the instructions that came with your new faucet and listen to these tips, your sink will work like new again. You can buy two handle bathroom faucet via

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Removing the old crane is the first step in our project. Before we can do this, we need to turn off the water supply to the cupboard under the sink. The next step is to remove the piping. Do this slowly, if the valve is broken, when the water starts splashing, screw the tap back on and turn off the main water supply to the house.

You can then remove the valve and replace the damaged valve. Remove both the water supply line and drain rod. Cut the old gasket between the old faucet and the sink. Remove the two large nuts under the faucet in the cupboard, and your faucet will pop out.

Don't forget to buy a good quality faucet with brass internal elements and replaceable cartridges. This unit lasts longer than when the cartridge started to leak. They can be replaced without having to replace the entire unit.