Invisalign as an Orthodontic Treatment Option

Orthodontics is a field of specialization in dentistry. An orthodontist goes through training within the dental school after graduation in dentistry. This is a field that deals mainly with diagnosis, then prevention and the correction of jaws and teeth that are mal-positioned.

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that uses clear plastic aligners instead of regular metal brackets to help align teeth. You can visit to know about the best dental services in Laois.

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They usually use invisible aligners that are comfortable and removable so that no one knows you have something. The shape of the aligners is adjustable and this helps to get the teeth in the correct position.

How it works

Each set of aligners wears for about 2 weeks and you only take them off when you want to thread, brush, eat or drink. Changing the aligners with the next one in your series will allow the teeth to move slowly each week until they reach their final position.

Usually you still need to go to the doctor's office, but after a while, each orthodontist will have his own schedule and you can work with them to see if goals have been met and treatment is going according to plan.

Liners are usually made to order for each person. They are invisible and should fit snugly against your teeth. Each orientation shifts the gear slightly, moving it vertically and horizontally. The liner can even rotate the teeth if necessary. The equalizer uses enough force to bring the gear into the desired position.