Living With Novel Corona Virus

The human world has just gone almost reversed. The pandemic has grabbed the everyday life of humans' by the throat, and this happened all of a sudden. Fears emerged from the darkness and have proliferated all over the world very quickly, and this has paralyzed the work routines of humans. Novel Corona Virus has brought in many novel ways along with it, which were unknown to humans hitherto, rather neglected by them.


Let's hope for the best to happen. Let's take a little bit of optimism and hope for a better human society where there is no religion, caste or racial discrimination.

Living With Novel Corona Virus or COVID 19 – Precautions

  • Be hygienic always, everywhere, and at all costs. Maintaining personal hygiene is very important.
  • Every time you move, wear a face mask; for general use, two-layered cloth mask is better. You can reuse the same after washing. You can also make it at home or you can buy them from
  • While wearing and removing the mask, you have to be double careful; You do not have to touch the middle portion by hand; always, keep the string to put on and remove.
  • Do not put your mask carelessly here or there, after use. Always take it to your bathroom and wash with soap or detergent immediately. If it is a 'one-time' use mask, you have to wash them in the same way and put it in a plastic bag and then into a garbage bag. 
  • Remember, when you are outside your home, you will not know whether the person close to you is a carrier of a Novel Virus Corona. This practically means that your entire body is not hygienic and therefore, never allow your hands to touch the vulnerable parts of your body such as the nose, eyes and mouth.