Silver, Gold, Pearl – What Earring Material Should You Wear?

Earrings are a small part but not so important from your clothing and styling. The little things usually matter the most, and therefore details such as earrings can be very important to your overall fashion expression. Kind of accessories you choose to pair with your outfit will be your choice, but most women have a certain style they follow and this goes for earrings as well.

The first choice every fashionable woman will find when it comes to earrings are material. You have a lot of women who wear gold, then on the other hand you have women who are only interested in silver. And then there is a group among which really do not mind wearing material as long as it fits. You can browse for getting more knowledge about gold pearl earrings online.

Pearl earrings and necklaces are very popular back in the 80s and their popularity down to modern times. However, the trend is reversing. Small pearl accessories highlight any outfit either with high class and humility.

Just think of a famous painting "Girl with a Pearl Earring", a work of Johannes Vermeer, known as the Dutch painter. simplicity brings out the beauty and timeless in style. Pearls stand the test of time and fashion.

As fashion moves through the decades, the style earring changed too. At 80 earrings are quite large in size and this is why most of earrings from the time that "the clip". They are just too heavy to be worn as earrings. As mentioned earlier, pearl earrings are very popular even though there are many imitations of this material can be found at the time. Gold is also in vogue in the 80 as well as imitation gold.